Wills with Bloodline Trusts. Protect your hard earned assets.


Most people think their existing wills provide protection for their child or children’s inheritance 
but in reality this is rarely the case. When reviewing your Will it is important to consider protecting assets against unforeseen circumstances.


You would assume that having left everything to your children your estate would then pass to your grandchildren automatically.  But often things can happen to your children (such as relationship difficulties, involvement with creditors and other financial difficulties that may be no fault of their own), meaning that your children may never actually inherit.  As a consequence of this, your grandchildren may also get nothing.


By incorporating Bloodline Trusts into your Wills you can avoid third parties from inherting your children or grandchildren's share of your estate.  Furthermore your children (and eventualy grandchildren) will have complete access to the money held within it.


Third parties will not be able to gain access to the Bloodline Trust, see below list of potenital third party claimants who could inherit your assets if you do not protect your estate.  


Modern family life has many twists and turns and nobody knows what the future holds.  By protecting your children and grandchildren’s inheritance with a Bloodline Trust Will you can guarantee that it will be safe and that only they will be able to use it.  


Instead of leaving your children and grandchildren uncertain with regards to their financial future, you can make sure that they are taken care of after you have gone.


Without a Bloodline Trust Will, you could be leaving money to one or more of the following:-

•    A son-in-law or daughter-in-law (or previous/future partners)
•    Future new step-parents to your grandchildren
•    Children’s creditors/court order/bankrupcy
•    Someone else’s children/grandchildren
•    Inland Revenue and/or Local Authorities


Ask your consultant about Bloodline Trust Wills when they attend your home.