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Steele Rose has been drafting Powers of Attorney at clients homes for over 20 Years. 

We have professional consultants near you who can attend your home at no additional cost.

(Our consultants can wear gloves and face mask if required)


We prepare and register Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) for a fixed fee, no hidden costs:-


£299 + vat for a Single Registered LPA (Property & Financial Affairs or Health & Welfare). 


£500 + vat for both types of LPA for the same person (Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare). 


*Additional £82 court fee may apply per LPA​ depending on income.           


(This document is useful to give immediate cover during the LPA registration period)

Steele Rose have specialist legal consultants based throughout England and Wales who are ready to visit you, at a time and date that is convenient (evenings and weekends included).

We pride ourselves on our professional, prompt and personal approach. We aim to complete your Lasting Power of Attorney request as quickly as required and provide a 14 day no obligation option to cancel instructions without penalty, so there is no risk or obligation when contacting us.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, for complete peace of mind most people choose both, see below for details. 


If you would like a free (no obligation) brochure or a member of our team to call, simply fill out this form.

What is Power of Attorney?

No one likes to think about losing the ability to manage their own affairs including handling a bank account, claiming benefits, looking after their tax affairs or transacting a house sale.


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) nominate people you trust now to make important decisions on your behalf in the future. The use of a professional adviser is essential, in order to avoid mistakes and ensure the Lasting Power of Attorney paperwork is acceptable to the courts, who will promptly reject incorrectly completed documents.

What happens when a person is no longer capable of handling or managing their own affairs?


No one likes to think about losing the ability to manage their own affairs but approximately 800,000 people in this country have dementia and many others suffer from strokes, other brain injuries or have mental health problems that may occur even in the prime of life. It is important that you nominate someone you trust now to make important decisions on your behalf in the future. This means appointing an Attorney to act for you. This must be done while you are still able to make decisions for yourself.


It is a common misconception that, in the absence of a Power of Attorney, a close family member (next of kin) can make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so. This is not the case and even your spouse or partner will not be able to make any decisions affecting your wellbeing without a registered Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) document in place.


Can joint bank accounts still be used?


Most banks will freeze joint bank accounts if one of the account holders becomes incapable of managing his/her affairs unless there is a registered LPA in existence. This is a very common source of immediate difficulty.

*Prices exclude the fee which may be charged for registration by the courts (Office of the Public Guardian), currently £82 per LPA. If you are on certain benefits or your income is below £12k per annum, you may not have to pay this fee or you may be entitled to a reduction. Help in obtaining this fee remission or reduction is included in our service at no additional cost.


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Property and Financial Affairs (LPA PA)


The LPA PA allows you to choose a person or persons you trust (attorneys) to make decisions on your behalf about how to deal with all money and investments. It also enables them to manage your property and pensions etc.


This LPA can only be used once it has been registered. Unless you have put a restriction on it, this type of LPA can be used by your attorneys straight away. 

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Health and Welfare (LPA HW)

The LPA HW allows you to choose a person or persons you trust (attorneys) to make decisions on your behalf about your personal health care and welfare. This includes decisions to give or refuse consent for medical treatment on your behalf and deciding where you live.


These decisions can only be taken on your behalf once the LPA HW has been registered and when you are no longer capable of making the necessary decisions for yourself.

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Why Steele Rose?

Steele Rose have been one of the leading home visit lawyers in the UK for over 20 years.

Our network of nationwide consultants are knowledgeable and experienced when advising clients, many are retired servicemen.

We provide all clients with a 14 day option to cancel without penalty.

Our professional indemnity insurance gives clients full peace of mind.

We are members of the Society of Will Writers and Associate member of STEP.

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