Home Visit Will Writing Service

Steele Rose has been drafting Wills at clients homes for over 20 Years. 

We have professional consultants near you who can attend your home at no additional cost.

(Our consultants can wear gloves and face mask if requested) 


Home Visit Single Will - only £140 + VAT 

Home Visit Mirror Wills - only £180 + VAT for both 

If you require an urgent Will, please enquire about our Emergency Will Service.



(Usually £40 each) ​

Writing a Will is an interactive process, so do not put your estate at risk by making a Will without first meeting and discussing your requirements with one of our experienced consultants.

Statistics show that do-it-yourself Wills and Wills made online are much more likely to cause problems. In order to prepare a properly drafted Will it is important to discuss your wishes with a professional.

Steele Rose also specialise in trusts and estate planning, our consultants are fully trained to advise regarding all aspects of inheritance tax. We can help with even the most complicated of estates.

Unlike some companies we do not assess suitability for a home visit. Due to the importance of Wills, home visits are included for every client. Make a Will today to obtain peace of mind.

If you would like a free (no obligation) brochure or a member of our team to call simply fill out this form.


Save Your Home from Care Fees with a Property Protection Trust in your Will


Couples who want to protect their property to pass on to their children can set up a trust to avoid their assets being wiped out by care home fees.


Within this type of Will, each partner leaves their half of the house in trust for their children (or other beneficiaries) but states that they cannot have it while the surviving partner is alive. It is a legal right to give your share of the house in your Will, therefore this it is not and will not ever be considered an avoidance scheme. 


Although the surviving partner would have full use of the half of the house in trust, they would not actually own it. The surviving partner can even downsize or buy another property in substitution.

Local authorities cannot means test the share in Trust for care costs. The terms of the trust are dictated by the couple at the outset, so the surviving partner cannot be thrown out by impatient children for example.


In order for the trusts to work, you and your spouse/partner must own your home as tenants in common. We may need to alter the basis on which you own your home and draw up Wills incorporating Property Trusts which will go a long way to ring fencing some of your hard-earned assets.

Act now as the documents must be prepared while couples are both alive. If you leave it for the survivor to sort out, it may be too late.

Ask your consultant about Property Trusts when they attend your home. 

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Why Steele Rose?

Steele Rose have been one of the leading home visit lawyers in the UK for over 20 years.

Our network of nationwide consultants are knowledgeable and experienced when advising clients, many are retired servicemen.

We provide all clients with a 14 day option to cancel without penalty.

Our professional indemnity insurance gives clients full peace of mind.

We are members of the Society of Will Writers and Associate member of STEP.

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